Work and Inclusion

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Foto: Grim Evensen, Bonanza Oslo.

Work and Inclusion is an association in the National Federation of Service Industries, a sectorial federation of The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO).

Work and Inclusion is the body for the professional development of the subjects within vocational rehabilitation and the interest organization for 110 member companies within vocational rehabilitation in the country. 

The member companies provide services within vocational rehabilitation to approximately 35,000 disadvantaged people annually.

Work and Inclusion member companies base their service provision on each persons' individual needs for assistance, their work capacity and coaches each individual towards ordinary employment through qualification, job training and last but not the least through empowerment and motivation to believe in their own possibilities.

In this way Work and Inclusion provides qualified employable manpower to Norwegian companies. In this way Work and Inclusion provides a crucial contribution to prevent unnecessary increase in disability pensions and in the number of people living from passive social security. If "only" 10.000 persons get jobs and keep their employment for five years, the economic benefit for the society will be 10 billion NOK, in addition to the benefits for the quality of life for the person in question.

The services provided for the vocationally disabled are:

  • To assess the potential work and educational capacity of the individual.
  • To qualify the individual through individually adapted job training, qualification and guidance.
  • To provide permanent adapted work if the individual has no possibility for a job in the open labour market.
  • To offer assistance in obtaining an ordinary job or further education in the ordinary education system.

In addition, the enterprises provide “Work Preparatory Training” for people who need to establish necessary basic job skills and “Supported Employment” for the ones in need of an extensive follow up in the open labour market.

  • Member companies provide individually customized services, for example with regard to literacy, reading and writing, knowledge about nutrition and diet, career guidance, etc. in combination with the job training and qualification.
  • Member companies have expert knowledge in vocational rehabilitation.
  • Member companies have interdisciplinary environments, good venues for qualification, as well as extensive networks with industry and the public sector that we exploit for the benefit of job seekers and NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration).
  • Member companies are a bridge towards employment and their objective is to provide training activities for more people, with the aim of employment for the benefit of each individual and for the society as a whole.