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Webinar for KAMer i Ringer i Vannet: Inclusive Job Design

  • 18. sep 2020Kl. 10:00–11:30
  • Digitalt på Zoom
  • Gratis for KAMer i Ringer i Vannet
  • Påmeldingsfrist 7. september

Vi arrangerer et spesialdesignet webinar med Dr. Brigitte van Lierop, fra Nederland for våre Kam’er i Ringer i Vannet. Inclusive Job Design er en metode som har mange fellestrekk med Ringer i Vannet metoden. Den videreutvikler imidlertid Ringer i Vannet på en ny og spennende måte som vil bli introdusert på dette webinaret.

Webinaret består av en times presentasjon etterfulgt av en 15 minutters pause. Deretter blir det anledning til å stille spørsmål.

Brigitte beskriver selv temaet slik:

“Inclusive Job Design is a comprehensive term for an employer-oriented method to createpermanent jobs for people with disabilities whose chances of competitive employment are limited, especially those that have a lower level of education. Inclusive Job Design is based on the needs and demands of an employer, the method implies the re-designing of work processes and the splitting of tasks, allowing highly qualified staff to be more available for the work for which they are trained.

Inclusive Job Design has been successfully applied in many different work settings, in industry, retail, hospitals and nursing homes as well as white-collar environments. Employers realised an economic benefit when re-arranging the work and many persons with disabilities having low chances to find a job on the competitive labour market, were happy to join the workforce in a job that fits their competences: a win – win situation.

Participants will be introduced to the Job Design methodology and to its applications in practice, including the calculation of the economic benefit case for the employer”.


Brigitte van Lierop has a long history in research and practical application of interventions to increase the labourparticipation of people with disabilities. She has been leading a 6th Framework Study in fifteen European countries to optimize strategies to integrate people with disabilities into work. From 2008 – 2012 she led a national program, funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Welfare, on increasing labour market chances for youngsters with a disability. In the last three years year she supported the National Ministries in the practical application of becoming an Inclusive Workplace. She has an honourable position at Maastricht University.

She is one of the founders of the Methodology of Inclusive Job Design. Inclusive Job Design is a comprehensive term for a systematic employer-oriented method to create sustainable jobs for people with disabilities whose chances of competitive employment are limited, especially those that have lower skills and/or a low level of education. The core of IJD is the systemic approach, on a company level. Dr. van Lierop now focuses on supporting organisations, companies and governments how to design sustainable jobs for persons with disabilities. She provided training in this field and advises and supports companies in the implementation process. In doing so, she gratefully uses the theoretical knowledge she has gained in twenty years spent in the world of science.